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Plates & Bowls

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Mixing & prep bowls are a needed addition to any kitchen & cookware collection. We at Jaypee Plus, present you with superior quality bowls which are designed to mix ingredients while preserving durability and ease of cleaning. Our bowls are built to last years of heavy use and the wide opening makes whisking, tossing & stirring easy. Pick from a number of sets with bowls of variable sizes that allow nesting storage when not in use.

There is no debating the fact that dinner sets are vital for every home, as it is hard to enjoy a meal without accurate plates, bowls, or cups. You will find an extensive range of dinner plate sets available in the market these days, and you might want to buy more than one for dissimilar occasions. Before you plan to buy your kitchenware sets, ruminate your budget and the number of people you intend on serving at one time. At Jaypee Plus you will find a great selection of mixing bowl set, plates and other dinnerware for your home at most affordable prices.

You can buy plates online of diverse colours and shapes available in plastic dinnerware. You can use them for outdoor dining or when your special guests are visiting you. There is no rigidity of them shattering or breaking. These plates and dinnerware sets can be washed easily and can also be amassed. Use the products for large get-togethers or children’s birthday parties. There are numerals of uses for plastic plates, so it is a moral idea to have them on hand. Our team will pamper and will provide you with information you need on the number of plates and the number of bowls obtainable with each specific sets that fall under the affordable brackets.