Jaypee Plus, Keep Cool Container, 300 ML

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Key Features & Benefits of the product

Pre Chilled ice packs in the lid & bottom keeps the perishables like fruits, Salads, curds & desserts cool for many hours

How to use Keep Cool- Please remove the two ice packs each from lid & the bottom and place them in the freezer to chill overnight then replace the Ice packs in their sockets just before you pack the food item that you wish to keep cool for hours. OR you can also keep the whole container with its lid open in freezer for overnight & in the morning take it out to pack the food items.

The Soft Pouch with silver lining further helps retain cooling for long.

Non Toxic Ice packs & Leak proof containers.

Freezer Safe, Dishwasher Safe- easy to clean.

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Jaypee plus, Keep Cool Container is India’s first ever chill pack storage container with twin ice packs for all round cooling it keeps food articles cools for many hours. These ice packs are non-toxic & a container is made from food grade plastic. Hence, they are absolutely safe to store both cooked and uncooked edible items like Fruits, Salads, Curd/ Raita and Desserts.

Ideal usage is to carry fruits, salads, curd and desserts along with you & enjoy full meal at your work place. Can also be used as fruit lunch box for kids to give fresh cuts fruits and salads in their lunch break as a healthy fruit snack.

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