Jaypee plus, Power Meal, Electric lunch box, with 3 food grade plastic Compartments

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Key Features & Benefits of the product

  • It comes with an intelligent plug-n-heat feature.

  • Reheat food in just 30- 45 minutes.

  • 45 minutes auto cut-off feature with LED light display it’s built in thermostat.

  • Optimised with 3 cavity format, all cavity lids are leak proof.

  • Convenience of washing & easy to clean as it comes with detachable food tray.

  • Sleek design which easily fits into your bag.

  • Superior electrical fitting.

  • Comes with detachable power cord with case that can be plugged in to heat up food contents.

  • Lunch box is made of 100 % Food grade Virgin plastic material so safe for heating.

Other Features:

  • Food contents are heated on the right temperature to give you feel & taste of just cooked food.

  • Package contains: - 1 elegant sleek electric tiffin, Optimised 3 cavity format food tray & detachable Power Cord with case.

  • Product dimensions: - 20.50 X 21 X 7.80 Cm, Weight: - 900 gms.

Product Code: Electric lunch box, with 3 food plastic containers

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 Jaypee Plus, Power Meal ideal usage is to serve your meal hot and fresh any where & anytime. All you need to do is to plug in the cord and your food will be hot to have.


An unparalleled sleek design and a unique plug-n-heat feature make this your ideal companion for carrying and heating food.

The lunch box is made of polypropylene (virgin plastic) which is BPA Free that keeps your food safe.

Lunch Box comes with a detachable power cord with case which can be plugged in to heat up its contents.

The lunch box is optimised with 3 Cavity Format so you can carry various food items.


Material Used: Plastic

Suitable for Food warming, Heat food

Domestic warranty- 1 year from the date of invoice.

  • Food Grade
  • Made of Virgin Plastic
  • BPA Free
  • Heater Load -90 watts
  • Operating Voltage- AC- 220- 240 Volts.
  • Heating Mechanism - Element Heating
Safety Features
  • Caution should be exercised while heating, Plug should be tightened with power socket.
  • Do not deep water wash the outer case.
  • Before attempting to clean, please ensure that the unit is discontinued from the mains supply and the power cord is detached at both ends.